Friday, July 22, 2011

1 Week Old

I have been slow on my blogging lately as you may understand with the amount of sleep you get with a newborn plus having 2 other kids and lots to get done around the house! I barely get on to check email, so have been putting off getting on here to update.

I didn't write much about Marjorie's arrival, so wanted to share. I had a scheduled c-section this time after having labor and then c-sections with my other two. This was so much better! I wasn't exhausted from all the labor and labor pains and we got to pack our bags the night before and make sure we had the kids taken care of as we went to the hospital. I went in at 9:30 and they put in my IV. That was the worst part. I got a little lightheaded after not being able to eat since the night before. Then once my doctor called the nurse, we were go for the delivery room. I got there and they had me sit up to put in my spinal to numb me and then laid down and it all began. This time the surgery seemed to last longer than my previous ones,but I think it was because I was so awake and the last 2 times, I was out of it and so tired that I slept through my recovery room time. I was awake all the way until that evening.

That joy of hearing your newborn for the first time is still the most amazing feeling. When they pulled her out and said, "here she is!", the tears came as they always do. Then they brought her around to me and I saw her sweet face. She reminded me of Andrew at that time. But after that, she has looked more like Lillian to me. We shall see as time passes! I was so excited to finally hold her in the recovery room and give her her first bottle. She snuggled in right away. Then they took her to the nursery to get cleaned up.

Lillian and Andrew got there with my sister Tory about that time and so they got to see Marjorie getting her first bath. Lillian was mad she couldn't go in there! Once they got me settled in my room, everyone came down to see Marjorie. Lillian said, "Momma, you have a pretty baby!" :)

My mom, sister Tory, dad and Jamie, and my kids all got to meet her and hold her a bit before everyone left to give me my rest.

My c-section recovery has been pretty good. I had some rough days in the beginning, but am finally starting to feel better without pain meds. My incision is actually healing better than both other times. It is just hard to take it as easy as I should when I'm very into having my house clean and mess-free. I have to remind myself to let Brandon carry things up the stairs for me and not push it too much.

Marjorie has been great! I hate to jinx it, but she has been so much easier than my other 2 newborns so far. Lillian had terrible colic and Andrew had a little as well. Marjorie has had a few fussy evenings, but mostly will eat and go back to sleep. You can't ask for more than that for an almost 2 week old baby.

I am eating up getting to snuggle and kiss her sweet little cheeks! She gives me a little smile when I do and it is so cute and makes my heart smile. It saddens me to think of her growing up.

While my sister, Katy was here this week to help out, she took so great pictures of Marjorie on her 1 week birthday to help me have some for her birth announcements, so I wanted to share a few. Happy belated 1 week birthday to my almost 2 week old baby girl! I love you!

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I miss her already!