Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend at the Cades

We wanted to go visit my sister Katy and her family sometime before my doctor won't allow me to travel before the new baby comes, so we figured out that Memorial Day weekend was perfect to go visit. Brandon had both Friday and Monday off work, so we could go and not be rushed right back since it is a 4 hour ride without stopping...usually 5 hours for us by the time we stop a few times for gas, restroom breaks, and to eat.

So, we packed up and headed out Friday morning early and made it there by afternoon. The kids enjoyed the pool. Lillian and her fearless self jumps in now with her floaties and is all over the pool. She loves for the adults to throw her up and into the water. Andrew on the other hand wanted to just sit on the ladder. We got him in a few times, but he was screaming! I guess we'll see how swimming lessons go in a few weeks!

Clay made us lots of yummy food and we did lots of hanging out and relaxing when we could. I got lots of time with my nephew, Baby Parker. He just turned 4 months old and is a sweetie!

It was sad to leave them today, but a little easier knowing Katy and Parker are coming to our house this next weekend for my baby shower! :)

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