Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We headed to Shiner on Thursday morning to spend Thanksgiving with the Koennings. The kids were very excited since we haven't been in a while. I, on the other hand, was miserable with my morning sickness. Not fun traveling when you feel like throwing up! I almost had Brandon stop the car several times, but cracked a window and got some fresh air and somehow made it the whole way. Then when we got there, I stayed outside for a bit away from the food smells.

When dinner was ready, I made myself eat and that seems to be the best thing for my sickness and helps it get a little better even though I don't really enjoy the food like I normally would! The food was good though! I can't wait to really enjoy it next year though. I usually love love love some pumpkin pie, but it is not appealing at all right now.
The kids had a blast running around outside on the farm. The cold front didn't come in until right before we went home, so it was around 75 to 80 I think most of the day. Andrew loves chasing the animals around and sadly, Duncan almost ate one of their chickens, but Brandon got him in time. Feathers were flying and the poor chicken probably has a cold bum now!
Lillian was so excited because she got her birthday gifts from Aunt Dianne. Lots of new clothes...and she modeled them of course and a new Barbie movie! She has been wanting that Barbie Fashion Fairytale since it came out, so she ran outside immediately to show me it when she got it. Here is a picture of her twirling around in one of her new dresses:
The kids also played with blocks in the living room while the adults visited and watched football...after dinner I pretty much stayed on the couch to try and keep my stomach settled. Then we drove home around 5. It was a nice day and a good time with family. I can't believe the holidays are already here! Crazy! Now I've got to figure out a way to get Lillian to understand that Santa isn't coming for another month! She keeps asking!

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