Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A New Koenning

In case you missed my post on Facebook, my email, or haven't heard through the grapevine, we just learned that we are expecting baby Koenning number 3! I still have a very long way to go as I just found out this week.

I think Brandon and I were both shocked that we conceived in our first month of trying again. We have been very lucky or blessed in that considering both Lillian and Andrew were conceived on the first try as well. I think deep down, I really thought that this time would be tougher since I know so many people right now that are having difficulty trying. I definitely feel very fortunate and blessed that we don't have to go through that stress.

This baby #3 was very planned just like our first 2. I knew after having Andrew so soon after Lillian that I wanted to wait quite a while to have another one. I wanted both kids potty trained and more self-sufficient. The potty training is done and the other part is getting there. They are still really young kids, but it is very noticible to be how much Lillian has grown in the past year.

I think both kids are going to love having a new baby in the family. I talk to them about it and of course, they don't totally "get it." But they do get excited. Lillian wants to see the baby in my belly right now....hard to explain time to a 4 year old. Andrew is going to have a difficult adjustment, I'm sure. He is Momma's baby and very set on that, so he will probably have a hard time sharing. But I know he will be a good big brother.

So far, this is a different feeling pregnancy than my others. I was already feeling nauseous before a pregnancy test could even pick up that I was pregnant and seem to feel most nauseous in the afternoon. Very strange to me since I didn't get any morning sickness until around 7 weeks with my first pregnancies. This means I started m.s. around 3 weeks!

I'll share more news as I know more about our growing family. I go to my first doctor appointment on December 2nd. My due date should be around July 17th. That is all I know for now!

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