Monday, August 16, 2010

To Beaumont and Back

My sister, Katy, got her master's in administrative education through Lamar University. So we planned the weekend around going to her graduation in Beaumont.

We left Saturday morning and headed to San Marcos. It was the Bobcat breakfast to pick up our football season tickets at Tx State. We got those as well we got to check out the new astroturf field that they just put in. It was very nice looking. We can't wait for football season to start.

After that, we hurried back to the car to head to Beaumont. The ride wasn't too terrible. After about 2 hours, we stopped for a bathroom/lunch break and then continued on and after battling the rain, we made it in to see Katy cross the front and receive her diploma. The kids didn't do too bad either considering they had been in a car all day. Andrew sat long enough for Katy to get her diploma and then I walked around with him for the rest of the time while Lillian visited with Grandma Teddy and Aunt Kathy.

After graduation, we ate at Tokyo. It was our first hibatchi experience. The kids really enjoyed the fire and the fun watching the cook make us dinner. Too bad they didn't like the food or we would have found our new favorite cuisine.

Finally, we left and drove back to Houston to spend the night with my friend, Kristi and her husband, Jesse. We had gotten to visit a little during our Galveston trip, but I haven't seen Jesse in a few years, so it was nice to all get together. The kids wanted to order Kristi around and loved playing with her. They also explored her house thouroughly. After finally getting them to bed, we got to have some adult conversation for a bit and then Sunday morning we all went to breakfast before driving back to Round Rock.

It was a very quick weekend, but very tiring. It was all worth it though. We had fun!

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