Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks Aunt Katy and Uncle Clay!

Andrew will be moving to his big boy room in another month, so we have been getting the room ready for him. It is sports themed and his bed is a double bed that is fairly high off the ground, so for Andrew's birthday, my sister Katy and brother-in-law Clay had a stool made for him for his room.

It came in the mail today and he was very excited about it. It is adorable and he and Lillian have already tested it out climbing into his bed. I'm sure he'll be dragging it around to turn on the lights too! Thanks Katy and Clay! (But now Lillian wants one too! ha ha)


Katy Cade said...

Yay! I'm glad he likes it!

Katy Cade said...

Too bad I didn't know Lillian needed one. I could have done that for Christmas!