Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grandpa JD and Jamie Visited

We had a good visit with my dad and Jamie this weekend. They came in Friday evening late and stayed through this afternoon. They helped me out by watching the kids Saturday morning while I did my long run for the week in preparation for the 10k. I ran 8 miles! Brandon had to take Duncan to the clinic to get neutered. The kids had fun playing with them and showing them all their stuff. Andrew, unfortunately, wasn't feeling his best this weekend. He has had a pretty bad cold, but he still got in some good playing time. Jamie made his curtains for his new big boy room and they look great! (pictures to come later when I finally get everything hung on the walls!) She and Dad hung them for me too. Almost time to move Andrew in! Andrew also got his birthday gifts, a cool megabloks table and a learn to play t-ball set. Both kids really like the new toys. Lillian also got a little gift that she loves, a Melissa and Doug doll dress-up set. I've never seen her so into a toy before. She just sits and tries all the little clothes on the dolls. Thanks for coming Dad and Jamie! It was fun and you were lots of help! :)

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Katy Cade said...

cute...I'm ready to see the curtains!