Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Other Blog

I've been keeping another blog for about a month now...really as a journal for myself and to keep myself accountable. I use it mostly to write my feelings about the day and how it is going and my work-out log. I also write to hopefully motivate other people.

I used to keep a weight-loss ticker on my main blog, but wanted to keep that more of just for my family than a personal blog, so made this other one just for me so I wouldn't be mixed in with all the goings-on of the kids.

I began the Gold's Gym Know Your Own Strength Challenge 4 weeks ago. It is 12 weeks long and happened to start right at when it was 12 weeks to the 10k I want to run, so it was perfect. Anyway, this is my blog about it. Go back to January when I began to read more about what the challenge is and come back and visit often and leave me comments! So far, I have managed to get on and blog everyday since I began. I just wanted to wait and share after I knew I was going to continue with it. Thanks everyone!

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