Friday, November 20, 2009

We Visited Santa

We went ahead and saw Santa today at the mall. I like to go early and avoid the long lines with my 2 small kids that don't do so well with all the people. Lillian was excited and ran right up to him this year. She sat and was right at home. Andrew on the other hand, just held on to me and wouldn't let go. At least he didn't cry or scream, but he wasn't sure about that bearded man at all. Maybe next year both of my kids will cooperate!


Anonymous said...

gosh you didn't waste any time. I am a firm believer in no Christmas festivities until after Thanksgiving. So we will be waiting until then. :) Such a cute picture though.

Adria said...

Get real! I haven't had a good Santa picture in 5 years! Lol.