Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

We packed up and traveled to Alto for Thanksgiving on Tuesday afternoon. On the way, we stopped at a convenient store in Madisonville to take a bathroom brake where the kids saw lollipops they had to have. Lillian held onto hers as we rode, but Andrew decided to chew through the plastic wrap and ended up with rainbow colors all over him!

Wednesday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with mom. I made this Turtle pumpkin pie I saw the recipe for in a magazine. It was really good and the kids loved it too.

Then we went over to Dad's on Wednesday evening and spent Thanksgiving day. The kids loved playing outside there. Lillian also liked sharing a book with Grandpa.

Then on Friday, we made a quick gift run to Jacksonville to pick up something on Grandma's list and they had a mule drawn wagon in the parking lot with free rides, so we took a ride around the parking lot. Lillian loved it. Andrew wasn't so sure. When we got home, Lillian was still excited about the mules and wanted to see the neighbor's horses, so we walked over and she fed it a carrot.

Video from Thanksgiving day:

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