Sunday, November 1, 2009

Race for the Cure 2009

My sisters, brother-in-law, and mom all came in this weekend for the 2009 Komen Race for the Cure. We participated in it last year, but it was even more special to us this year with mom fighting breast cancer this year. Mom just had a chemo treatment on Friday, so she didn't walk and my sister Katy, had a small surgery this past week and couldn't walk either, so they kept the kids and walked around to the survivor tent and to see all the other festivities while Tory, Molly, Howard, and I ran. I was pleased with my run time this year of 28 minutes at 1 second....36 seconds better than last year placing 32 in my age 25-29 division of 164 runners. Not too shabby!

We also got a lot of great freebies and it is just fun to be around all that positive energy of everyone pulling together for the cause. The kids also did great and didn't even get out of the strollers the whole time we were there. They were just happy to get all of the little free water bottles and other stuff to play with.

Mom did well this weekend after her chemo. She didn't feel great, I can tell, but enjoyed herself. We told her that she will have to run next year! :)

***I want to say a special thanks to all that supported us in our fundraising for the cure and also to Jamie for our pretty bracelets she made us for the cause as well.

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