Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tricks, Treats, and Races

What a busy, but fun weekend! We started it out with Halloween on Friday. Andrew didn't really appreciate his first Halloween, but he looked so cute as my little scarecrow! He didn't understand why he was late for his bath and bedtime as we walked the neighborhood trick-or-treating, but he got some ooohs and ahhs from the people we saw. I'm sure he'll enjoy it more next year!

I think Lillian has found her new favorite holiday! When we got outside to take pictures, she would not wear her witch hat and just threw it in the yard, but once we got going and she realized wearing it meant she got to go get candy...she would stop and wait for it to get put back on before she would proceed any further down the sidewalk. Lillian didn't understand at first about the whole trick-or-treating process. The first few houses, she walked right into and started looking around. We had to show her that they were bringing her candy a few times before she got it. After that, she was helping herself to candy at each house. The funny thing is that the adults outnumbered the kids. My mom and 2 of my sisters walked with us to take the kids. It was fun though. Lillian's poor teeth were so gross that night after eating the candy! Then yesterday, she wanted to put her costume on again and kept telling us..."Get Candy!" and went to the door wanting to do it again! I'm hiding that costume now!

My little Scarecrow ----------------------------------------------Andrew and Lillian

Taking Andrew Trick-or-Treating ------------------------Mom walks Lillian down the street

Our next big event for the weekend was the Race for the Cure! My sisters and I have been training for this for a month and raising money. We all got up around 5:30 this morning and left about 6:20 to get downtown to get a parking spot. Good thing, too, because right after we parked, the lot where we were was full! The whole atmosphere of the event was so awesome! Everyone was so excited and pumped. There were thousands of people...they said about 21,000 all there supporting the fight against breast cancer. My sisters, Katy, Tory, and Molly, and I ran the timed race while Brandon, my Mom, and Clay went in the un-timed with the kids. It felt so awesome to be running through downtown with all the other people so excited to be there and cheerleaders and others were on each block as you passed to cheer you on. I ran harder than I have been and finished with a time of 28 minutes and 37 seconds. I'm very proud of that. I finished 67th out of 266 in my age division. Here are some pictures from before and after the race....don't have one of me in it yet. I'm waiting on it to be emailed to me from the race photographer.

Tory, Molly, Katy, and me----------------------------------- I survived my first 5k!

All of us eating some good Mexican food after the race


Crim said...

Too cute! I love the sweet little scarecrow and witch.

Jessica said...

Congratulations on completing your race! You made great time! You're an inspiration!

The kids look adorable in their Halloween costumes! I'm glad that you all had a happy Halloween!

Look forward to seeing you this week!

Ashley said...

The kids look adorable in their costumes. Congrats on your race. You look great.