Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just Being Kids

I caught my babies in the act these past couple of days doing things I remember doing as a small child. Andrew is so upset about not crawling, he is trying to get into things in other ways...I caught him in his walker, pulling pans out of an open cabinet! He was determined and pulled a metal bowl out to bang around. Lillian has started putting on our shoes and walking around like she is an adult! These are the fun things about being around them so much and seeing them just being kids.

We went to the gym and then to Old Navy this morning and I actually got a picture of them together before we left when I sat Andrew by Lillian so I could put on my shoes. That is a rare occasion as Lillian usually runs away as soon as I put Andrew by her. I also have a picture of Lillian's new favorite ball she had to have at Old Navy. She brought me the camera still out from this morning wanting me to take a picture of her with it! :)


Jessica said...

Aren't little kids funny? Brynn does the same thing with my shoes and she still loves to bang on pots and pans! I think it's cute how Lillian wanted you to take a picture with her ball!

Crim said...

What smart babies!!