Monday, November 17, 2008

1sts for Andrew

Andrew is growing and growing and although he still refuses to crawl, he has had a few firsts for the past couple of weeks. The first one is using a sippy cup! He kept grabbing and grabbing for Lillians lately, so last week, I put some water in a small one and he took straight to it! He wants it with each meal now and loves it! I was surprised because Lillian didn't really like them at first.

The other first is riding in his "big boy" car seat. I have been waiting on putting him in it because we had put it in Brandon's truck as a spare for just taking Lillian around and he still fit in his infant seat, so I just waited. Well, he is getting really big now and I decided it was time to move on. Wal-Mart had baby week last week and carseats were on sale, so I bought an extra one so we could keep on in Brandon's truck. This weekend, Andrew rode for the first time in his new seat and has done fine. He has slept in it several times already!


Crim said...

I hope sippy cup days are soon ahead for us as well. I will be glad to say bye bye to the bottles. Andrew is so cute!

Jessica said...

Big milestones for him! Brynn hated her infant car seat and pretty much screamed any time she had to ride in the car. When we switched her to the next car seat she was very happy!