Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning, the kids got up to see that Santa had indeed visited overnight. Lillian came into our room telling us that Andrew was downstairs looking at the presents. I asked, "There are presents??" Lillian replied, "Yes! There are lots of them, come look!" So Brandon and I went down to see them check out all of their new toys. Lillian got the big bicycle she wanted and Andrew got some playsets he loves....especially the Toy Story Landfill playset. He just loves all the Toy Story stuff! Then we opened gifts for each other and Brandon was happy about his new shoes and I love my new Ipod Nano! I was still working out with the original iPod video, so it was bulky to run with and this is so tiny and neat! I love that it has the radio option as well. Afterwards, Marjorie finally woke up and we showed her her gifts which she loved. Then we had to quickly get dressed to head to Shiner for the day.

Lillian's Santa gifts

Lillian checking it all out

Andrew playing with his Toy Story Landfill

Andrew's Santa goodies

Marjorie and her Santa gifts

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