Thursday, December 15, 2011

5 Month Old Baby Girl

Marjorie turned 5 months on Monday! She is still our happy, easy-going baby! Only on this past Sunday, she popped her first tooth on the front bottom right side and the matching one is about to pop as well! So she has understandibly been a little cranky. But she has still been very happy mostly. She absolutely loves watching her brother and sister play and they make her laugh often. She also loves watching all the kids play at the gym daycare while mom gets a work-out in!

Marjorie has rolled over a few times, but doesn't have it down yet, but loves to grab her feet and roll to the side and look around. She has also been trying out baby food. I feed her once a day usually around 4:30 just so it is easier when not trying to feed the other kids at the same time. She loves bananas the most so far. She has also tasted momma's sweet potatoes when we are eating dinner and seems to enjoy them too.

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