Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aunt Mole Came to Visit

My sister, Molly...a.k.a....Aunt Mole came to visit yesterday and today. She graduated from A&M in May and got a job with Pilgrim's Pride in Waco that she will begin next week, and she had a week off between her finishing up her college job at Radio Shack and beginning her new job, so she wanted to try and visit everyone while she could.

The kids had a blast playing with her at the pool. Lillian pretty much told her what to do the whole time and hung on her back around the pool. We also visited and ate with the kids at Chic-fil-a last night and then while the kids were at school this morning, she did some shopping with me and we got to hang out. Today she left out to Rotan to visit Katy, Clay, and Parker. It was a fun short visit. Thanks for stopping by, Aunt Mole!

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