Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Long Weekend Visit

We were so excited to have my sister, Katy and my baby nephew Parker come stay with us for a while! They drove in Wednesday afternoon and stayed through Sunday lunch. We haven't seen them since we were in Alto when Parker was born. Parker is growing so much and it was so wonderful to see him awake and soaking in his surroundings more. He is such a sweet baby and snuggles all the time! Lillian wanted to hug and kiss him all the time. We also loved having Aunt Katy here to visit with and play with too. We sure do miss them now that they are gone!

Then Grandpa JD and Jamie came on Friday night and spent the weekend, so we had lots of family fun. Andrew got his birthday gifts which he loves...some Toy Story games, clothes, and a Toy Story table and chairs set for outside. We did a lot of visiting and playing with them. Katy and I were so excited to be treated to a pedicure and manicure with Jamie. That was a very welcome break...nice and relaxing and my feet just loved it! We also picked out letters for my baby girl's wall, so Jamie is going to decorate them and mail them to me and I'll share them in the future. Yay! Thanks Dad and Jamie for a nice weekend. It was fun!

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