Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Koenning the 3rd is a....

GIRL! I just knew it from the beginning! This pregnancy has been a lot more like my one with Lillian than with Andrew, so my instincts said girl! Sure enough, at my ultrasound appointment on Tuesday, I got to see her for myself! She is measuring perfectly for being in her 19th week. She was sticking her legs out for us and waved her hand. I will probably get to see her again in another 6 weeks because the position she was in was difficult for the person to get a good measurement of her heart. The doctor said she wasn't concerned, but just wanted to make sure she got a good look at the heart. So, yay, I get to see her one more time!
Apparently the 2 dots in the middle are labia to indicate a girl


Waving to me!

Head profile

Her little legs
Besides me being excited about having another girl, big sister Lillian has been very enthused! She wants to look at all the baby girl things I've been getting out of storage and keeps asking about her baby sister. She likes to rub my belly and tell it it is cute! Such a sweet big sister. Andrew seems like he could care less! ha ha...we'll see how this goes when she gets here!

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