Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3 Year checkup + a 20 mo. old = Trouble

Lillian had her 3 year old check-up this morning at the doctor's office. I scheduled it at 8 am....why, I don't know! They have been sleeping lately until 7:30 or 7:45, so that meant waking them up this morning.

So after Brandon's alarm clock went off for the 100th time from his snooze, I decided to get up with him this morning at 6:45. I got dressed and came down and had my cereal. Coffee would have been nice, but I didn't have time for that. I went up and got Andrew who had decided to wake up early today...maybe he knew. I got him dressed in his crib before I even picked him up. Then we went to wake up Lillian.

Lillian pulled the covers over her head when I turned the light on. She wasn't ready to get up. Too bad, I got her up and got her shirt on as she screamed down the stairs not wanting to go potty so I could get her pants on. Finally after pretending Andrew and I were leaving her, she ran and went to the potty and I quickly threw on her pants and jacket and put a rubber band in her hair.

The kids were fine in the car eating their pop tarts and drinking their milk. And in the waiting room, they were also content. Andrew kept circling around the rooms from the well child to the sick patient area.

Then they called us back and the fun began! ha ha....Lillian threw a fit when I had to take her clothes off to put on the hospital gown. In fact, she never had it on the whole time. She just ran around in her underwear. She threw a fit and I had to hold her down just for Dr. Harvey to listen to her heart and look in her ears and mouth. Andrew was fine. He even wanted Dr. Harvey to listen to his heart. When the exam was over, it was time for shots. Lillian had one due and then I was getting each of them a flu shot. So they told me I needed to go back to the front desk to check Andrew into the system so he could get his shot.

As I was putting Lillian's pants back on to go up to the front desk, I see Andrew take off running and slip on a book and fall forward. He comes up with a bloody nose! I run out into the hallway and don't see anyone. Finally the doctor comes around the corner and she and two nurses run in and help clean him up and make sure he is okay. He screams mostly because I'm holding him down to clean him off!

Then we go and check Andrew in to get his shot. Lillian is crying because she is dressed, but doesn't have her shoes on and wants to leave. I told her we have to go back to the room and get her shoes. So we go back and they are still cleaning the blood off the floor. Then we wait 5 more minutes until they come back for the shots.

I held Andrew down first and he did fine. He just flinched. Lillian is another story. I had to hold her down as she screamed and continued to all the way out of the building. I did feel bad for her, but it was terrible leaving with her throwing her fit in the middle of the waiting room floor holding her leg saying it hurts! I'm sure any other kids coming in got scared to death about what would behold them!

We survived and hopefully will stay healthy for a long while because I definitely don't want to go back there anytime soon!

***Lillian by the way is still in the 75th percentile for height and weight...37 and 3/4th inches tall and 32.6 lbs.


Irene said...

i can relate! sorry it was rough. i have izzie's appt at 3:30 on friday. i have no idea what the heck i was thinking. we will see how it goes.

Jessica said...

Oh no! I'm glad you guys made it home safely! Sounds horrible. :( I couldn't do it!

Anonymous said...

you have me scared to death now! I scheduled the boys to go in on the same day for their well visit's. Rowans 18 month and Reds 3 year. I am holding on for dear life at this point.