Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

We packed up and headed to Shiner for Father's Day. We met the Koenning's at Mr. Taco in Gonzales. We had a nice meal and then headed to their house in Shiner. Aunt Sherlene had bought the kids a really fun kiddie pool, so the highlight of the day was splashing around in it. I kind of wish I could have gone in too with the 103 degree heat!

I think Brandon had a good Father's Day overall. He had forgotten it was Father's Day until Lillian brought him his card yesterday morning! I'm very thankful for such a great daddy in my kid's lives and I know they are too. Their faces light up when he comes home from work and they just love playing and spending time with their daddy.


VictoriaNoelle said...

Wow...I'm jealous of their awesome pool.

Katy Cade said...

That is an awesome pool!