Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Bathing Beauties

Andrew is obsessed with the water park toy that the kids got from Dad and Jamie over Easter and is constantly messing with it outside and I noticed while they were playing yesterday that I hadn't emptied the rain water out of it and he was about to get very messy, so he screamed and screamed as I put that toy in the garage so he couldn't get to it.

I decided that in the afternoon I would get it out and rinse it out for them to play with out in the front yard where there is not the sandbox and other stuff to get mixed with it. So here are my kids having their first water fun here this summer.

Oh, and for some reason Lillian decided she wanted to be in her dad's truck and dance a little too!
Also, I guess Andrew wasn't ready for the fun to end because he brought a toy in from the water and as I was in the kitchen sweeping, I heard him throw it in the toilet and begin splashing again! I guess he thought it was okay now! Ahhhh!


Katy Cade said...

Andrew looks so happy!

Crim said...

Can I play in the water?