Monday, May 18, 2009

Goodbye, Aunt Tory

Tory came down for a few days to visit and help me out with the kids while Brandon worked some long weekend shifts. It was really nice especially on Saturday when we had steady rain all day. The kids really fight for my attention on those days that we can't get out of the house. We had a good visit and the kids loved playing with Aunt Tory. Lillian and Tory baked cupcakes on Saturday and she and Andrew enjoyed eating them....and making a big mess.

Tory and I got to rent and watch a few movies. We watched Yes Man and The Reader. Both were really good movies. Of course the first is a Jim Carrey movie, so a little goofy, but cute. The second is definitely not for kids, but a good historical type movie. I hadn't heard of it, but it was nominated for some academy awards and I guess they made some kind of pack with Blockbuster where you can only rent it there, so I hadn't seen it on Netflix.....seems like something is wrong with that! Anyway, just wanted to share these with my fellow movie buffs.

Anyway, we'll miss you the rest of the week, Tory. You were a big help and good company. I guess we'll see you when you come back for your next eye appointment. Enjoy my Twilight books!
Lillian loves to slide Sitting with Tory

Andrew running through the grass Andrew loved his cupcake!


Katy Cade said...

I missed all the fun! Andrew looks so much older!

Crim said...

Are you telling Tory: "TORY COME BACK!!" LOL

VictoriaNoelle said...

I already miss all of you.