Monday, March 16, 2009

A Birthday Weekend

Nope, it wasn't any of our birthdays...although mine is a week from today. Lillian and Andrew had 2 friends that had birthday parties this weekend. We were very busy partying! Unfortunately I forgot my camera at the first party. It was our playgroup friend, Natalie's 3rd birthday. We had fun playing there in the bouncy house they rented and playing inside with the other kids. Lillian and Andrew both loved the hot dogs and cake too! Check the blogs on my list to the left for Irene Merkin's blog and I'm sure she'll have pictures up of that party since it was hers!

Then Sunday after church, we went to the Hoppin' Hippo in Hutto to Lillian's school friend, Coral's 2nd birthday. Lillian loved that place! She was running around checking it all out. We may have to bring her back more often there. There is an area for the parents to sit and visit or use the Internet while the kids run all around in bouncy houses and tunnels and all sorts of things. Andrew had fun at the party too, but both were pretty tired since it was close to nap time.


VictoriaNoelle said...

I love how Lillian has her blanket with her.

Crim said...

Those bounce houses are fun, I mean for the kids, LOL!!!

Katy Cade said...

Andrew looks like he feels left out!!