Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Take Us Out to the Ballgame

Last summer, Marjorie was a newborn at this time and Brandon was home for a month, so he did some things with the kids to get them out and left Marjorie and I home to rest and have some quiettime. One of those things was going to several Round Rock Express games.  The Round Rock Express is the team that feeds into the Texas Rangers and their field, the Dell Diamond, is down the road from our house.  The kids had a blast last year and we just haven't planned to go this year, so after seeing a friend post online about going, it reminded me to look at the schedule and we noticed that a game coming up was on a day Brandon was off and it also happened to be $1 drink and hotdog night...perfect for us bringing the kids.  So we decided to go.

Although it is summer and hot, it actually didn't feel to bad to be outdoors.  There was a breeze and the temperature dropped a little for the evening.  The kids were excited to go to the big field and see Spike the mascot and of course get the food!  We only ended up in our actual seats for the first 3 innings though.  They wouldn't sit after that.  Luckily it is a place devoted to families, so it has a playground and lots of kids friendly places to walk around during the game.  The game started at 7 and with that being Marjorie's bedtime, I was shocked at how happy she was the whole time.  She never got fussy besides when we were still trying to sit in our seats.  She was crawling around making friends everywhere.

The kids when we were actually in our seats

This is what it looks like to have 3 young kids at a baseball game--busy daddy

Andrew when we moved to sit on the grass hill in the outfield

Rolling down the hill

Lillian with Spike...Andrew wouldn't get too close

Marjorie sitting with Daddy on the grass

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