Friday, June 15, 2012

We Went to the Beach

 We decided that with Lillian going into Kindergarten this fall, this was our last chance for a very long time to go on vacation in May before the rush of all the families going after school gets out.  So we rented a beach house in Gilchrist, TX for a long weekend right after the kids got out of preschool for the summer. (They had a 2 week break until summer preschool.)

The house was great and exactly what we needed.  It was beachfront so we didn't have to cross any streets with the kids and they could run back and forth if they needed to go up and go to the restroom while we were out too.  We could also go out while the kids napped.  Brandon's sister, Sherlene also came with us to help us with the kids.

We all enjoyed our time on the beach.  We swam, flew a kite, built sandcastles, and played in the water.  We also ate some yummy seafood at the local restaurant.  Before we left, we took the ferry over and spent most of the last day in Galveston and went to the Moody Gardens Aquarium.  We had taken the kids 2 years ago, but they were too little to remember it.  I really enjoy watching the seals and the penguins there.  Marjorie even laughed as the seals did flips in the water in front of us.  It was a quick trip, but lots of fun and a welcome break!

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