Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Pool Visit of the Year

It was a hot 90 something degree day and my kids weren't napping.  My neighbor, Mary said she was taking her girls to the pool, so I decided we would head out there too.  I'm glad we did.  It felt perfect and the kids had a great time and got wore out to sleep well tonight!  Marjorie had her first swim in a pool ever and really liked it.  I carried her around and passed her to Mary and she was having a wonderful time.  Then     I sat her near the sprinklers in the splash area and she laughed and played with it too.  It was a great afternoon.

                           Andrew playing with the baby float after Marjorie preferred for me to hold her.
                                                           Lillian paused for a photo
                                                     Marjorie liked hanging out with Mary.
                                                   Loving the water
                                            Lillian with her buddies, our neighbors: Jordan and Taylor
                                                                    My little water baby

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