Monday, January 23, 2012

Tooth Time

Last Monday evening, Lillian noticed that her front bottom tooth was loose. She was eating dinner and I was cleaning the kitchen and she came and told me that her tooth was hurting. I just thought it had to do with her going to the dentist a week ago, but then I looked closer and saw that it was very loose. Then while brushing her teeth that evening, I noticed you could already see her new tooth coming in behind it! I called my mom who is a dental hygientist to ask if that was normal and she said that it happens sometimes, but Lillian really needs to get that other tooth out so it doesn't prevent the new one from growing the right way. I talked to Lillian about wiggling it all week and that if she didn't keep wiggling it and get it out that Grandma would be coming soon and she would pull it.

Well, Grandma came and we made the trip to Rotan and the tooth still hadn't come out. So before my mom was leaving, Lillian decided she would let Grandma pull it. She layed down on her lap and then changed her mind. My mom told her she would just wiggle it and she did a bit and then pulled it out really quick. Lillian was very angry and ran off in the other room for a minute, but then realized it was done and got very excited about being a big girl and that the tooth fairy would be coming.

My mom had promised her frozen yogurt for letting her pull it, so we all went and celebrated with yogurt. Then mom and Tory had to head back to East Texas. I had ordered Lillian a tooth fairy pillow, but we hadn't gotten it yet, so we put the tooth in a medicine cup and Lillian wrote the tooth fairy a note so she would see it.

The tooth fairy was very nice and left $5 since it was her first tooth and she was so brave. She told me it would only be $1 after this though! My baby girl is growing up! It is so strange to think that that new tooth coming in will be with her the rest of her life! And so begins the tooth fairy years at the Koenning household.

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